The Ball Pit

The Ball Pit by Leo Hayden

This is my first completed Oil piece with the new Michael Harding Oils that were recommended by Edward B Gordon in a previous post Leftovers #1.

I chose this image because I really wanted to play around with lots of color. The new paints have definitely been worth the extra cost.

Because its been a while I also did a short time progression video for this piece as well.

The painting is based off a photo I took in Summer of 2011 in St. Louis at the City Museum. It was taken through the grating on the walkway above the giant ball pit.


Here is the original photo.

City Museum Ball Pit

Ball Pit Original

If you would like to purchase this painting please send a bid via email at The bidding start price is $650. End of sale is 3 PM, December 31st, Central Standard Time, United States.


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