Brownback Sucks

Brownback Sucks.

Save the arts.

Created specifically for our Q5 Gallery show BrownBackLash. Our governor Sam Brownback took it upon himself to abolish the Kansas Arts Commission and by eliminating that $600,000 from the annual Kansas budget has also essentially made kansas not eligible for $1.2 million in funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. So we created a show in which local art could vent it’s frustrations.

So my idea was to do a traditional take on a Madonna and Child with Brownback as the child feeding at the breast of Sarah Palin. For some reason I just have a feeling he would find that especially irritating, as I think he has presidential aspirations, but might have to suck up to Palin on a 2012 ticket.

Its by far the creepiest thing I have ever painted, and while it was fun, I will be glad not to have to stare at it on a daily basis. Thankfully it sold to a Twitter user who goes by the name of Buck Frownback. The painting was very well received and the buzz on it snowballed into added artists to the show, some blog hype on The Larryville Chronicles, and in turn local T.V. coverage on Channel 6 and a tremendous turnout for the show.

So it turned out to be worth a week or so of being weirded out.

Here are some links to all things related to the painting, the show, the Kansas Arts Commission, and the coverage.

Here is a youtube video covering the Save the Arts Rally in Topeka

And click the screenshot below to go to the Channel 6 interview at the event which cleverly edits the painting to allow viewers to see it.


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