5 Things. (6-13-2014 Edition)

Due to the popularity of my post last Wednesday (5 Things I am Currently Working On) I will attempt to post the 5 projects I am working on a regular basis. I’ll give a quick summary of each and the progress.

1. Detailing the She’s So Unusual painting. I’ve have roughly 6 more days to have this one ready to drop off for the Thieves Art Guild show for the upcoming Final Friday show at the Phoenix Underground. I’ll post links with information as they come available.

2. Pay Heed to Excellence This piece is going to be auctioned at the Mario V Chalmers VIP mixer. It will feature 7 legends from KU basketball lore. I also managed to get it signed by Danny Manning last weekend. 20140613-143153.jpg   3. Finish Classic Wrecking Ball Going to try and and put the finishing touches on this one. Part of my as yet to be named classic meets today’s lunacy seres.

4. leohayden.com Still searching for a theme that I actually like for the new website. It hasn’t been easy. Might also work on some pre-production work for it as well. 20140613-143321.jpg 5. Prep work for the next 30 in 30 challenge. I am going to be doing another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge in the month of September. I’ve been acquiring images, but I am still on the lookout for more. I have the under sketch ready for September 1. I hope to have them all ready to go so I can just get in the studio and paint from the get go every day of the month. 20140613-145249.jpg   That’s it for today. All though I’ve been deserted this weekend and have the house to myself. So I might get more accomplished as well.


New Website on the Horizon.


20140420-222600.jpgI’m laying the foundation for leohayden.com. I’ve had the domain name for quite a while. The domain name has been transferred to the new provider. Now it’s a matter of getting the new site built and up and running. The new site will be a store front.  A place to go where you can purchase works, prints and more.

The blog here will be getting a makeover.  The blog will contain a more personal account of day to day goings on. Things like what I’m currently working on, why I am working on it, process, future projects on the horizon, and whatever comes along.

These transitions are never as simple as they seem when laid out. I’ll try to make the transition as smooth as possible.